The Prudent Living Train Diorama is a Museum Work of Art

Posted by Paul Biebel on Dec 29, 2016 12:31:52 PM

by Guest Blogger: Larry Huot

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The Prudent Living Train is a Museum Work of Art with the unbelievable attention to detail in so many different interesting, historical, and educational ways. The multiple trains that operate at a press of the button for every child and every age get the action started. The engines that pull the winding trains thru countryside and cities are recognizable to those who appreciate the Glory Days of Trains and Railroads--History abounds in this all-to-scale layout. AND, if you look closely, each time children and adults of all ages discover new themes and Dinosaurs sure to amaze and educate to times gone by and insight to the future.

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What follows where energy begins and consumption continues, is limited to the viewer only by the amount of time one has to recognize how energy is created and transported to fuel our grid, transportation, commerce, and homes. Beginning with fossil fuels extracting coal and petroleum; moving to water and hydro-dams, wind turbines, nuclear reactors, biomass, "Cow Power" (methane), and solar panels-----ALL the energy sources are shown. Even NY City's skyscrapers and subways reveal the story where the most efficient usage of energy on our planet exists every day.

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And beyond the trains, beyond the story that in Normal Rockwell three-dimensional style and dioramas that lead the advance students and ages to the understanding of energy, is the best part of all: How to go about new building and construction that will lower the cost of occupancy year after year. By knowing "why" and "where" attention to details in choice of materials; advantages of methods of the assembly of the materials; with focus on thermal efficiency; durability and moisture management; indoor air quality and methods of building-are the drivers of long-term lowest cost ownership and return on investment in new construction.

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If you haven't yet visited the Prudent Living Train at LaValley Building Supply on Rt. 12-A, Colonial Plaza, W. Lebanon, NH (open Monday thru Saturday). It is truly amazing the folks who visit every day and return with frequency to see not only what's new, but the endless details that they missed from earlier visits. Come see why educators bring their students to expose how hillsides and history transitions energy from creation to consumption. Find out what inspires older folks to frequently visit LaValley Building Supply and the Prudent Living Train where they will remember the earlier days of trains and communities while taking away insights to continuing progress creating and conserving energy. This action-packed scaled journey by train that leads viewers for a scenic ride or an educational experience, this Prudent Living Train is a realistic art form that unites the ages, inspires discovery, creates smiles, and lasting memories for all with an educational experience for most.  

Whether you are interested in building science and learning the leading and best ways to build; have a passion for trains, or just simply want a relaxing visit to the museum with a special child: you are sure to be in "Awe" when seeing this. This is another "Gem" in the Upper Valley. We have visitors every day who leave with smiles because they’re so impressed. It's truly unbelievable. You've got to see and experience all this is.


Larry Huot is the President of LaValley Building Supply in W. Lebanon, NH. a locally family owned company since 1962. This article is based on the mutually rewarding relationship that LaValley and Biebel Builders Inc. and Prudent Living Inc. have enjoyed for thirty years.


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by Paul Biebel

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