6 Reasons Why We Love to Build High Performance / Net Zero Custom Homes

Posted by Tim Biebel on Sep 9, 2016 2:06:31 PM


We love doing what we do, especially since it helps you immediately, and it will keep on helping you, and those you care about, on into the future as far as anyone can see!

  1. Because your new high performance / net zero custom home will make you more energy- independent from the day you move in. Even if energy prices rise, your wallet will not suffer. In fact, you may gain as electricity costs escalate and your home produces more electricity than you need. Through your net metering agreement with the power company, you will be paid the going rate, whatever it becomes.


  1. Because zero energy homes are likely to have a higher resale value should you decide to sell. Consider this, Vermont has already passed codes that will require all new construction meet net zero design standards by the year 2030. Prudence suggests (requires?) planning ahead. In this context, conventionally built homes are going to become less valuable over time and high performance / net zero homes are going to become the norm versus the exception, thus they will be more likely to gain value over time. This will also change the attitudes of lending institutions, which currently seem a bit reluctant to fund what is perceived as extra cost of net zero construction.


  1. Because zero energy homes generally require the use of higher qualityand sturdier components and advanced technology in order to achieve their net zero goal, they will last longer and most likely will require less maintenance over time, depending on certain choices that the client makes. In general, two words describe the net zero homes we build: simplicity and practicality. This is just one of the reasons why we love to build high performance homes for customers. 


  1. Because we know that people who choose to build a high performance/net zero home do so because they know the value of it. So when the house is done, they are thrilled. Instead of the adversarial relationship builders sometimes have with their clients, we feel that we have gained more new friends and allies. When you’re happy, we’re happy. It’s as simple as that.


  1. Because we’re trying to fight “mother nature,” which in Vermont, is quite a task. Warm in winter; cool in summer. Our high-quality crew takes this personally. It’s entertaining, to see them carefully monitoring the results of a blower door test, for example. It’s almost like they’re jousting with nature to reduce its ability to steal heat from this home they have so meticulously built. So, when other crews just pack up and go home when the task is done, our guys are still engaged. 


  1. Because we know that with our training and experience we can provide you the best value, overall, without you having to monitor the work to be sure we’re doing it right. We will do it right. You can count on it. We reserve the right to deliver more than we promise. No other builder of high performance / net zero custom homes in Vermont can build your home better than we can, but many can do worse for the same or even higher price.


  1. Because by building your net zero home, we are helping you take part in the clean energy revolutiontaking place in our country. The energy you use is renewable. There is no carbon footprint to speak of, so there is no harmful effect on the environment. We’re not on anybody’s soap box about this. It’s really your decision. But should you decide to proceed, we’ll derive a great deal of satisfaction in being able to do our small part in making the earth a cleaner place.



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Tim Biebel

by Tim Biebel

Tim Biebel is Vice President of Prudent Living, a leading net zero and energy efficiency building company located in Windsor, VT.




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