4 Reasons Why You Should Let Us Build A Custom Zero Energy Home, pt4

Reason 4: Your Home Will Pay You Back Over Time

Over the span of a thirty-year mortgage, your operational savings could be as high as $200,000.00, compared to an identical house built to minimum energy codes at the same time. Sustainable strategies really do make a difference! Yes, there might be an initial 10 percent difference in building cost, due to the high tech, high performance elements that are part of a custom zero energy home.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours!

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4 Reasons To Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 3

Reason 3: Every Room Your House Can Be as Warm or Cold as you want it to be in a zero energy home. 

Sometimes when I think back about the old way of heating a home and what we can do now, I marvel at the changes, progress, and the options that we can offer you today. For example, travel back with me to the day when the only heat source was a pot-bellied stove. In the dead of winter in Vermont, the room that stove was in was sometimes very hot and then as you moved away from it on the same level of the house, the cold took over progressively. There was the option of letting the heat circulate via open grates to the second floor, but even so, it was difficult to stay uncold in the unwarmest part of winter unless you did a slow pirouette next to the stove, in which case you became a human rotisserie. In addition to the inconvenience of being at least half cold most of the time, the inside air was smoky all the time, and there was lots of dust on everything in the house, by spring.

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4 Reasons To Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 2

Reason 2: Your rafters won’t snap at you when it’s really cold and your windows won’t ice up

Perhaps your ideal retirement home is an old farmhouse you saw in a brochure about Vermont living. In summer there are wildflowers and wildlife all over the place. How charming and attractive! In winter the four foot banks of snow around the house seem, in a photo at least, to snuggle up to the house and keep the occupants warm. A closer look at the winter photo shows multiple huge icicles hanging off the house en masse, and you imagine how entertaining it will be to grab one from time to time and lick it like it was an ice cream cone. 

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Four Reasons Why You Should Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 1

Reason 1: Your floors won't squeak. 

It is possible to like squeaky floors for a variety of reasons. If you do, we can build your zero energy home with that feature. Check all the reasons that apply to you: 

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Little Things Add Up in a Net Zero Energy Home

We build high-performance custom homes in New Hampshire and Vermont. In order for the owner to benefit from the State of New Hampshire’s Energy Star program, we have to comply with their strict performance criteria of the shell of the house. The State of NH sends their own inspector to the site and when he came to the particular house we had just finished, he brought his own testing equipment with him. He used both a Blower Door and an Infrared Camera. When he had finished testing, he said that the house far exceeded their standard requirements and that he had not seen a house test out as tight as this one.

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Heading For Retirement? Why a Zero Energy Home Is Just Right for You


With retirement and fixed income living just a few years ahead, the handwriting was on the wall for Don Wemple: Find a way to reduce living costs, or find another place to live. The answer for the Bridgewater Corners, Vermont, renewable energy expert was relatively easy in one way – he loves living in Vermont, even if temperatures do drop to -20 degrees (or lower) from time to time in the winter. How to accomplish the goal of near-zero dependence on fossil fuels … that was the real challenge, one that was intensified by the fact that he was starting with an already existing barn, which he had hoped to convert to a zero-energy off-grid home.


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How Do Micro Inverters Work In a Custom Zero Energy Home?

Every year when I dig out the Christmas lights I wonder how many of them are going to work and how long it will take me to find the one light that doesn’t, so I can replace that one light in order to get the entire strand to light up. That is frustrating to say the least, but fortunately a new strand of lights only costs a couple dollars and my frustrations are relieved, except for the feeling of waste when I throw away a strand of lights that mostly works.

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Three Benefits of Building a Net Zero Energy Custom Home

At Prudent Living, Inc., we specialize in custom designed “High Performance” homes, and can build you a “Net Zero Energy” home, should you decide that is the best way to go for you and your family. Prudent Living defines a net-zero energy home as, “a home that generates as much energy as it consumes, measured on an annual basis.”

We believe that this is going to be the standard for ALL construction within the next twenty to thirty years. Since 1976, when I started Biebel Builders, Inc., we’ve kept our company on the leading edge of custom home building in our area. Since 2009, Prudent Living, Inc., has been a thought leader and implementation leader in the arena of high-performance custom homes. While our services include education and inspiration, we’re always pleased to help clients reach their goals when it comes to “net zero energy” by building their custom designed home for them.

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Six Key Components of the Thermal Boundary in Zero Energy Homes

  1. Air barrier

    Minimizing air movement in and out of a house is key to building an energy-efficient home.Many of the materials used in a house as structural and finish components can act as air barriers. Sealing all the holes and seams between sheet goods such as drywall, sheathing, and subflooring with durable caulk, gaskets, tape, and/or foam sealants will reduce air leakage.
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